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Why would I want to outsource my Payroll & Auto Enrolment?

It’s more cost effective

Outsourcing payroll is generally much cheaper than employing an accountant in-house or training a member of staff to manage all your tax, NI and other payroll related duties. Furthermore with Quartz Payroll and Auto Enrolment you are assigned a designated advisor with years of experience who can offer guidance when you need it, making them feel like part of the team.

It's more secure and avoids data mismanagement

If you outsource your payroll you offload the risks, such as HMRC fines for late filings or other mistakes. Also with a whole payroll team at your disposal you won’t have the problem presented if your in-house payroll professional goes off sick at a critical time. You can also rely on the data security and back up facilities of a professional payroll firm.

With the Quartz Payroll and Auto Enrolment combined service. We use the data directly from your payroll to manage your workplace pension contributions and employee data meaning there's no room for error.

What does it cost?

With Quartz Payroll and Auto Enrolment the costs are competitive and transparent for an all inclusive package.

  • For the combined Payroll and Auto Enrolment service we offer a discount.
  • Our stand alone Automatic Enrolment service is available for a small set up fee + a small additional cost per payslip.


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  1. Contact us for a quote or call 0203 137 4408 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  2. Complete the set-up paperwork that we will give you, which includes providing us with details of your employees, their pay rates and working hours.




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