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About Auto Enrolment

Quartz Payroll and Auto Enrolment is a Brighton based company that offers a fully managed end-to-end outsourcing solution. Read our guide to Auto Enrolment Legislation below. If you are interested in outsourcing your duties, contact us or request a quote.

In 2012 the UK introduced the Pensions Act, which requires all employers to enrol their qualifying employees into a workplace pension.  Download our free Auto Enrolment Guide.

What is a qualifying employee?

All employees are put into one of three categories (based on your age and your earnings):

  • Eligible Jobholder
  • Non-eligible Jobholder
  • Entitled Worker

The staging date table below will help you determine whether you are Eligible, Non-Eligible or Entitled:



less than £6032 £6032 to £10,000 Over £10,000
Under 16 Outside Legislation Outside Legislation Outside Legislation
16-22 Entitled Worker Non-Eligible Jobholder Non-Eligible Jobholder
22 - State Pension Age Entitled Worker Non-Eligible Jobholder Eligible Jobholder
State Pension Age - 75 Entitled Worker Non-Eligible Jobholder Non-Eligible Jobholder
Over 75 Outside Legislation Outside Legislation Outside Legislation

An Eligible Jobholder will have to be auto-enrolled onto a pension scheme.

A Non-Eligible Jobholder does not have to be auto-enrolled but will have the right to opt into a pension scheme which the employer will pay in to.

An Entitled Worker will have the right to join a pension scheme, but the employer does not have to contribute.

What about people under 16 or over 75?

Any workers under 16 or over 75 are outside the automatic enrolment legislation altogether. They are not able to request to join your workplace pension scheme.

How much is it going to cost me?

Pension contributions will be a percentage of your salary and this will gradually increase.

There are 3 auto enrolment pension contributors to your scheme: you, your employer and the Government.

The table below demonstrates the minimum percentage by each contributor and when it will increase:

% contributions






Present - 5 April 2018 2% 0.8% 1% 0.2%
6 April 2018 - 5 April 2019 5% 2.4% 2% 0.6%
6 April 2019 - onwards 8% 4% 3% 1%

Opting in and out of auto enrolment

An Eligible Jobholder will be automatically opted in. An Eligible Jobholder can opt out but will be automatically opted back in every 3 years.

A Non-Eligible JobHolder is not automatically opted in but can opt in if they wish. The employer is required to contribute to their pension scheme.

An Entitled Worker is not automatically opted in but can opt in if they wish. The employer does not have to contribute.

What if I have a private pension?

Your private pension scheme is separate from your auto enrolment workplace scheme. They will not affect each other.

As a business, where do I start?

The first task is find out what your staging date is. You can find this out from the Pensions Regulator (you will need your PAYE reference number to do this).  

Outsource auto enrolment pensions

There are a lot of responsibilities that come with the new legislation and in the same way that we deal with your responsibilities to HMRC, we want to help you with your auto enrolment obligations. If you want to outsource your auto enrolment responsibilities, Quartz Auto Enrolment can provide a fully managed auto enrolment pension solution for your business.

Quartz Auto Enrolment needs just a few details about your business (including your staging date) and your employees to start managing auto enrolment pensions on your behalf. Once you have chosen a pension scheme for your employees Quartz Auto Enrolment will send all regulatory letters, administer your auto enrolment obligations on your staging date, process opt outs and continue to manage auto enrolment from pay-period to pay-period. Find out more about Quartz Auto Enrolment here.

Please note all employers, even those with only 1 employee will still need to set-up a workplace pension even if:

  • Your employee is over state pension age
  • Your employee is under 22
  • You are already paying into a private pension scheme
  • Your nanny has already expressed that she will opt-out
  • Your nanny is earning under £10K per annum

The reason being, you need to demonstrate as an employer that you have set-up a workplace pension so your employee can opt-in regardless of the above.




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