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The home of Quartz Payroll is Enable Ltd, an all encompassing payroll services company dedicated to making life easier for employers of every kind across the country. The Enable team pride themselves on keeping their fingers on the pulse of industry, working closely with HMRC to streamline our processes to make the employment process easier for the clients who use our services. With one eye constantly on legislation, changes in government policy and the effects on employers, make us innovators; always looking to develop new services and systems to provide solutions to employer issues, such as auto enrolment, insurance, legal advice etc.


Enable Ltd's flagship service, providing complete and comprehensive payroll administration, tax and national guidance and legal advice to nanny employers and their nannies.



One of Nannytax's complimentary services, Enable Insurance Services provides the legal requirement of Employers Liability Insurance, with a policy specifically designed for nanny employers and the duties that their employees carry out. A policy specifically designed for domestic employers is currently in development.



Another complimentary service to Nannytax, Nannyinsure provides a Public Liability Insurance for specifically for nannies. Nanny insurance is part of the mandatory criteria for Ofsted Registration.



Stafftax is the sister service to Nannytax, providing complete and comprehensive payroll administration, tax and national guidance and legal advice to employers of domestic staff such as housekeepers, cooks and chauffers etc.



Enable Payroll is a very specific payroll service designed for employers who have personal assistants or carers to help them at home in their daily lives. We work closely with councils across the UK to deliver a reassuring, sensitive service to recipients of Direct Payments; employers who may be nervous of their responsibilities and obligations to their employee/s.



Put simply, Enable Money Management (EMM), hold money and make payments on behalf on individuals who require additional support with administering their health and social care funding.  Our innovative Money Management Service has been described by the Local Authorities we work with as being ‘the next generation of managed account and pre-paid card services’.


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